Buying like crazy

PC specialist about mistakes of the Future / Positive Balance Sheet

The Bielefeld PC specialist franchise AG changes its strategy: the planned massive expansion of a trade network with up to 10,000 partner stores across Europe will be managed through organic growth from within – not through acquisitions. CEO Frank Roebers believes that as the standard errors can be avoided, which cast the new market in its crisis.

Roebers: “Since some companies have bought up the new market like crazy.” Indiscriminate acquisitions, uncontrolled and totally overpriced – the list of companies that have maneuvered through its acquisition policy to marginalization contains, according to estimates Roebers prominent names.
Not only were the apparently positive personal experiences in terms of corporate acquisition: the takeover of the Austrian franchise chain “home computer” was indeed ultimately been successful, but involves high costs, so Roeber.

PC Spezialist is tomorrow going to present its results for 2000 in Frankfurt . The company, whose core business is the granting of franchises for computer retail stores (brand: PC specialist) and the organization of a purchasing and marketing association (brand: Micro Trend), the forecasts for 2000 has surpassed strong. Thus, the group sales had increased by 152 percent to € 18.69 million – and was therefore 17 per cent above target. The surplus was up 76 percent AUF2, rose 18 million euros and had exceeded the forecasts by eight percent.

Better than expected, the rise of the Micro Trend division, which screwed the number of its shopping partners up to 574. At the “bottom of the expectations, ” but the development of PC-specialist stores remained: their number grew from 98 (late 1999) to 142
While much of the IT industry deals with an increasing skepticism about the future, Frank Roberes says the outlook for growth remains optimal. Group sales are expected again this year and to have more than doubled. By the end of 2002, the Bielefeld business will have nearly 250 franchisees and over 1,200 micro-trend partners. Compared with USA, Sweden or the Netherlands, in Germany there is still a major backlog in the PC sector and therefore a higher than average growth potential.

The expansion should not be limited to Germany and Austria: Later this year, do the Bielefeld set foot in another neighboring country. “To cope with the planned big jumps also can have PC Specialist initiated some changes behind the scenes.”We need a different structure, “says Roebers, referring to a change in management.
Brought new to the board, Andreas Wenniger: He takes care with Roebers’s operating activities. Last summer was the around 50 percent – the third man on the Board Thomas Kruse, the founder and holds the largest block of shares is.

Andre Flottman who had cared for primarily by the distribution and for acquisitions has left the company to due to health and personal reasons. What will become of Flottman’s 18-percent interest, could not be said yesterday Roebers. He indicated, however, that PC would keep growing: “We will evolve more towards being a public company.”