Expansion being planned

PC-Spezialist Franchise AG: Schloß Holte welcome the new offices (and taxes) from the the company that turned over 1.2 Billion Deutsch Marks.

Bielefeld. Once upon a time there were 3 poor students who couldn´t make ends meet. One day, about 10 years ago, they decided to earn an extra crust by trading in computers on the side.
Since then, the 3 have grown into men, and their extra crust has grown into a yearly turnover of 1.7 Billion Deutsch Marks. The new goal set by Thomas Kruse (37), André Flottmann (33) and Frank Roebers (32) is the 10 Billion mark.
The community of Schloß Holte-Stuckenbrock (near Bielefeld, Germany) is also set to profit from the planned expansion of the PC Spezialist Franchise AG, whose brand “Microtrend”” is setting up a new headquaters in Schloßholte.

Microtrend have thus far had their headquarters in Bielefeld and are looking forward to the move to Schloß Holte­-Stukenbrock.

Mayor Hubert Erich­landwehr as well as CDU party members Michael Siedenhans, Christian Hayk and Helmut Geiss managed to to convince the PC Spezialist board to come and have even provided a suitable home at the Popvich-Villa. The town council is also looking forward to increased publicity as well as taxes that would result from the move.

Kruse, Flottmann and Roe­bers set up PC-Spezia­list 9 years ago and have conceived a franchis model that is recognised as being the best in the Republic.
PC Spezialist provide business licences with an “All inclusive package” on a 10 year contractual basis. The company has a preference for supplying the licences to new business. Included in the set up concept is a business schooling, complete business concept including marketing and localised care and handling.
With currently over 120 franchise partners and none lost since three and a half years, Roebers has every reason to be happy “We have a very stable system. Our goal is to be biggest provider”.

Microtrend was launched on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999 and is found in the “New Markets” section of the exchange.
This cooperative has more than 460 partners for whom prices are regulated and in the future will have delivery contracts made.
Microtrend has grown on an annual basis by around 70% which fits with the projection made by Kruse, Flottmann and Roebers, to become the market leader in Germany. This goal could well be achieved this year according to Frank Roebers whose vision is also to conquer Europe. The first step on that path was made after the aquisition of the Austrian franchiser “Computerhaus”. Roeber commented “Every country that is west from Germany is of interest to us. We want to be the largest supplier and if possible the only one.” That would contribute to the goal of 10,000 franchise partners and a turnover of 10 Billion Deutsch Marks. This expansion is currently in planning. The board of directors promised share holders in 2002 to have 1219 Microtrend partners and 246 for PC Spezialist as well as an external trade volume worth
2.9 Billion Deutsch Marks.

The speed of the computer market appeals to the PC Spezialists who believe in the prognosis made by Intel founder Gordon Moore, that every 9 months the price halves while the performance doubles for the same size of silicium.
“We atill have 10 years at least” commented the spokesman for the board. Until the high speed porcessors are available that can be adapted to fit the individual human needs for example voice recognition, it will be at least 2010.
The number of Microtrend partners is planned to triple within the next year. If that were the case the company will need new employees. 8 employees will be needed for the offices at the Popovich Villa to take care acquiring new partners and taking care of the existing ones.

Footnote: PC-Spezialist Franchise AG
When PC Spezialist was listed on the Frankfurt Exchange in August 1999, each share costed 8.5DM. Since then the share price has almost quadrupled. The increased funds made available by the entray to the exchange have still be used, according to Frank Roebers.
In order to strengthen their position in the market PC Spezialist has introduced “Virtual Distribution”.
This system centralises price negotiations, order and tracking of both products and funds to the head office. In contrast to this the company uses outsourced delivery and warehousing.

PC Spezialist has agreements with AOL, Mannesmann and o.tel.o to link the computer, internet and telecommunication markets.

Neue Westfälische Nr 274, Friday, 24.November 2000