Welcome to AF Venture Capital

AF Venture Capital is a dynamic consulting firm that specialises in venture capital especially in the following branches:

  • Renewable energy
  • Franchise
  • Internet and E-Commerce
  • Trade and commerce

If you are looking for a venture capitalist with sufficent "Know how" and/or management capabilities then feel free to contact us.

Your AF Venture Capital team

AF Venture Capital was founded in 2001 by André Flottmann. As co-founder and director of PC Spezialist (today Synaxon AG) Mr Flottmann was actively engaged in founding new business and encouraging international trade.

- 1996: Discourse in coopertation with the Akademie für Absatzwirschaft in Nürnberg (Germany) for the Chinese Office of Trade. The subject of the discourse was Franchise and Tax treatment.

- 1998: Discourses at over 25 business set up events run by the national IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce). The discourses were held together with the director of the German Franchise Union (DFV)

Here are some other milestones:

- 1991: Founded TALOS Computer Cooperative GmbH together with Thomas Kruse. The cooperative was a marketing and purchasing cooperative for the computer market.

- 1992: TALOS renamed and became PC Spezialist

- 1994: Development of the first Franchise Proto-type store

- 1995: First franchised based Superstore was open. PC Direct awarded the firm with the 2nd place "Supplier of the year" awards

- 1996: Awarded with the "Franchisee" prize by the publishing house Norman Rentrup

- 1997: Development of the N Store concept which was designed to be a "Near" store. The same year Mr Flottmann was awarded the "New business founder" prize awarded by Günther Rexroth, Ministry of Trade in Bonn

- 1998: Awarded "Retailer of the year" by Eurochannels in Paris. PC Spezialist became PC Spezialist AG

- 1999: 1st Place in the "Franchise hit list" PC Spezialist registered on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

- 2001: Founding of AF Venture Capital as a consulting firm.

- 2005: Set up of Nicky Creation GmbH, a producer and supplier of artistic merchandise

- 2010: Founded Miaculti, traders and suppliers of high quality toys.

- 2011: Founded Palms and more Inc. a Property Holding in South West Florida

PC Spezialist is today known as Synaxon AG and is listed on the German Stock Exchange. The company has united around 2500 computer dealers and franchise partners and has a yearly turnover of around three Billion Euros making it Europes leading IT cooperative.

Nicky Creation GmbH has progressed to become one of the worlds leading producers of artistic products for doll making.

As an entrepreneur you have:

  • either experience in your chosen field of business or have completed a business studies school
  • no negative credit scores or other financial black marks

Your  concept:

  • Is not only a "good idea" but also a completed business plan
  • Is unique and distinguishes you from your competitors
  • Is in one of the following growth markets:

    • IT
    • Renewable Energy
    • Internet
    • Trade and internet based commerce
    • Franchise

Do you fit this profile? If so send us an email where you can introduce yourself and your concept.