Lean management plans fat future

Thomas Kruse, founder of the Bielefeld PC specialist franchise AG, has sold more than half of his shares: Between September 2000 and January 2001, given the 38-year-old according to the company about 1.1 million shares to funds and institutional investors. Mark Schroeder, who is responsible for PC specialist in investor relations, stressed the “reallocation” had not gone through the stock exchange. As a prize, but was a “near stock price,” agreed.

The sales are consistent with the wishes of investors, the company stated. The course in the PC specialist share fell in the time of the transfers (from the end of Spetember until the end of January) from 37 € to 29 €. The overall market index (Nemax) fell in the same period, however, much more, namely 4887 to 2800 points. Before the sales, the company also had a share split carried out in a 1:1 ratio, which led to the halving of the course.

Kruse has reportedly now 22 percent of the total 3.825 million shares.

With a streamlined top management wants to PC Specialist Ltd (47 employees) will multiply their sales: Thomas Kruse leaves 1 July 2001 and moved to the Supervisory Board. would be a successor to Kruse, it does not give the time being, yesterday said CEO Frank Roeber. The Board therefore consisted only of the future and Andreas Roebers Wenniger, who at the beginning was moved to the position of Co-founder André Flottmann. Flottmann had withdrawn completely, while retaining 15 percent of the shares.

The management changes “will help to prevent disasters,” said Roeber. “We need professionals who have learned to get commercial problems under control.” For 2001, net income of EUR 3.0 million euros was bon planned, in the following years are possible profit increases by 60 to 70 percent. Dividends are, however, be due to the massive expansion plans for the time being paid.

The most new market held company aims to Europe 10 000 franchisees and shopping partner to win. Roebers sees scope for the task of competitors, even if the PC market only growing by about eight percent. External sales of the bond is expected to grow from 1.5 to ten billion dollars – more than three billion dollars are to be recorded as capital revenue. At the end of the first quarter of 2001 686 Trend Micro partners and 139 franchisees were counted. Quarterly sales grew by 97 percent to 4.4 million €.