PC-Primus bursting with confidence

Frank Roebers has outlined the strategy clearly. We want to control the European IT Market with a share of 10 Billion dollars according to the director of PC Spezialist. The signs are good: 1.5 billion will be reached this year, the “war chest” of cash position is, with 23 million marks in full and magnificent the equity ratio of the stock company was founded ten years ago with 58 percent.

Later this year, want to conquer the Bielefeld for the Austrian and German as a second foreign market in Spain. Contracts for a Megastore of the computer agent have already been signed, the rooms are searched. Is favored for further expansion, according to Roebers but autonomy in the acquisition: “A company acquisition in Austria had not produced the hoped-for success.”
Annual General Meeting on 25 July there are two important issues for shareholders. After the departure of Andre Flottmann end of 2000 by 1 July founder Thomas Kruse from the board join the Supervisory Board. The third board office will not immediately re-occupied. There will be no dividend for shareholders for 2000. The excess is so Roebers for further strategic decisions needed to develop the “class leader”.
The current market share of Pc Specialist Board estimated at twelve percent in Germany, where only 34 percent of all households have a computer is – enough room for expansion. Roebers. “We do a few years of 3000-4000 members, including 600 franchises, the big remaining as members of the purchasing agreement, Micro Trend« Back in 2001 there will be more than 1000 member growth, the directors expect from range shift. About the computer out (37 percent of the business) to grow digital photography, software and mobile communications.
Concern is the Bielefeld continue to not find sufficient qualified personnel. The planned expansion calls for a doubling of lying close to 50 employees at headquarters in the “Planet Media,” especially in franchising.
The planned six-fold increase in Group sales by end of 2002, meanwhile Roebers founded not only with self-awareness: “The very healthy PC market has shown meanwhile that franchising creates optimal conditions. Branch systems, there will be probably no longer in a few years.«