The hunt for new terrain has begun

As Franchise company PC Spezialist a lone wolf on the New Markets since the IPO is convinced the company with steady growth and good figures. Now it’s time to align themselves internationally.

How do you successfully start a small company with little capital investment to grow rapidly? Franchising is the magic word. This license can be granted, allowing new businesses to resort to name and know-how of the licensor. PC Spezialist markets with its franchisee: Computers and accessories. A promising strategy.

The company has developed well since its IPO in August 1999. While in the past year, nearly 7.5 million euros, would enable the revenue to double this year to 16.1 million euros over. Net income is expected to increase as much. “There will not be problems that we can not meet its forecasts, ” says CEO Frank Roeber. The numbers alone should be achieved through organic growth. Acquisitions are not calculated in. The bulk of the revenues still accounted PC specialist in the classic franchise licensing business. Promises future growth in the IT cooperation plan form micro trend. In Germany there are about 30,000 entrants. “A tenth of that we want to skim off”the board.

With this system you can organize the IT market and bundle a purchasing power system. PC Spezialist receives a monthly membership fee and an additional 0.4 to 0.6 percent commission on the purchase volume. Up to half of the company sat down to around 1.6 million euros.

A little imagination Internet is also offered to the investors. In the new business Virtual Distributiom Roebers sets high expectations. The e-commerce platform linking the ERP systems of partners and suppliers. The first candidate, the Neuer Markt company Archtee IPC has been sound. This trading platform promises better conditions of an accelerated order processing and higher product limits. A percentage of revenues flowing into the coffers of Bielefeld.

To ensure the strong future growth, expansion abroad is necessary. With the acquisition of an Austrian IT chain in March 2000, the first step is done. Still enjoys PC specialist throughout the proceeds. This will use up the board but not necessarily. “We are willing to pay in own shares, “said Roeber. But for him the gegenwertige share price is too low. In the upcoming nine-month result, we expect a positive surprise. This should spice up the share price in the spirit of the board.