The McDonald’s of the PC branch enters stock market

PC-Spezialist Franchise AG looks for newcomers. E-Commerce will help push forward.

Bielefeld. McDonalds made franchising a tasty option for businesses worldwide and it has become somewhat of a role model for PC Spezialist whose entry to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on the 25th August, marked the first such entry of a franchise company.

“We are the McDonalds of the IT field” commented press manager Frank Roebers. Like McDonalds, PC Spezialist concentrates on precise planning and quality in their service which include having centres that are easy to access especially by car.

By taking on a franchise, independant dealers can use the collective banner of PC Spezialist to market themselves on a higher level. After paying the franchise fee the franchisee receives a complete concept for their business as well as collective marketing. Reduced purchase prices for the franchisees also help both the new partners and the PLC whose turnover generated a total of 700M Deutsch Marks this year.

The Franchise field created 40.000 new jobs in 1998 and the Bielefeld based company came out on top in straight comparisons. Roebers commented “We have a competitive edge of around 5 years”.
PC Spezialist has maintained a competitive edge through their scheme of self financing as opposed to bank loans.
Roebers also commented that they prefer to take on new franchisee´s with no previous IT experience as they are “much more open”. Most new comers are professionals under the age of 30.
The current franchise fee for the licence is 25.000DM and the newcomers need 6 months to get into the business.
Roebers forecasts 100 new franchisee´s by 2002, the current stand is 89.

Not included in the figures are the 285 purchasing partners of the IT brand “Microtrend”. The directors calculate a total of 430 partners for 1999 (332 in 1998) who will generate 950 Million DM turnover.

The 26 employees directly employed by PC Spezialist turned over 11.7M DM which should hike to 14.7M by next year. Projections for 2002 include 60 employees and a total of 127M DM turnover.

Increases in turnover are hoped for especially with the help of a new E-Commerce scheme set to be a subsidy of the PC Spezialist group. The new venture is also set to be launched on the stock market with PC Spezialist retaining a total of 55% of the shares.
After the float for PC Spezialist Thomas Kruse still has 55% of the shares and André Flottmann 18% with a base capital of 3.8M DM.

Neue Westfälische, 17.08.99