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AF management consulting GmbH, Bielefeld
Business plan: To advise companies of all kinds, trade in goods of any kind as well as asset management. The company is entitled to participate in other companies as a general partner and conduct business. Share capital: 50.000,00 €. Company with limited liability. Social contract of 18 January 2001. If only one director is appointed, he shall represent the company alone. If more managers are appointed, each representing a different director or an officer unless his individual right of representation is granted. Managers may be authorized, on behalf of, society in its own name or as representatives of a third party to make transactions (exemption from the restrictions of § 181 BGB). CEO: Andre Flottmann, born on 21 May 1966, Bielefeld. He has EinzeIlvertretungsrecht and is from the restrictions of § 181 BGB. Not mentioned: The announcements of the Company shall be made only in the Federal Gazette.

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