With 21 employees on the stock exchange

Bielefeld PC specialist franchise AG is listed next week on the new markets in Frankfurt

Bielefeld. On Wednesday 25 August will be the float day for the PC Spezialist Franchise AG on the new markets section of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. CEO Frank Roebers (31): “We have already demonstrated that we can make money. ”
The current account of the young company reads impressively: 21 employees – of which 43% are academics – in 1998 achieved sales of DM 11.2 million. External sales with 332 franchise partners increased to 724 million DM, seeing the profit growth of 175%. Since 1997, PC Spezialist has been located in a new building on the corner of the Eckendorfer Strasse in Bielefeld and the builder was Thomas Kruse (36), the “inventor” of PC. Today he is CEO and remains a major shareholder (55.4%). In 1986 he was a student of electrical engineering at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld and worked independently with the distribution of self-made PCs. The secondary activity, PC Relations Manager Dipl.-Kaufmann Frank Machwitz, quickly developed into a full-time job: Kruse In 1989, the Rabbit Computer GmbH

In the U.S the young man discovered a set of “used” franchise licenses. In 1991 he founded with André Flottmann (32), today and the second largest shareholder (18.5% at public offering), the PC computer sales specialist community GmbH, which was converted in 1998 into the PC specialist franchise AG.
The PLC sold under its brand name “computer specialist” franchise licenses in the information technology (IT) – and media market. Preference to non-professionals, such as the CEO says. “We sell not a commodity, ” said Roeber, “we offer a type of farm concept.”

In addition to the admission fee, the AG receives in Bielefeld for their advice and sophisticated organization, marketing and royalties from the franchisee. On average, those younger than 30 years and achieved the first full financial year 4 million DM.
Cheap prices annoy the competition. With two of the PC now arguing before the Federal Court. It’s about the sale of printers directly from the truck at the opening of the PC construction 1997th “The thing is annoying, but it does not jeopardize their existence, ” said Roeber.
Nationalwide franchise Primus is a major shareholder Kruse with his own franchise store in the PC-building in Bielefeld. With 18 to 20 permanent employees, he achieved there over 10 million DM in annual sales.
The stock market newcomer is optimistic. “We have the PC is far from where it belongs, ” said Frank Roeber. “We will still have many technological advances that bring us revenue.” A still growable business is to bring the purchasing and marketing association “Trend Micro”, which established in 1995. It is an IT group for computer dealers who purchase volumes and bundles shall contract at wholesale prices, but does not have to commit to minimum order quantities. Trend Micro-members buy their own account and risk.
The PC board is the general principle franchise great future opportunities. After calculation of the German Equalisation Bank 64% of entrepreneurs go bankrupt in the first five years, with franchisees, it is only 7.2%.

Neue Westfälische, 17,08.99